Will Trump run for President in 2024?

One year, he was in the news every day, the next year, he wasn’t heard about for months. Let's circle back on what has happened to Donald Trump since leaving office. 


Trump has continued to hold multiple rallies across the U.S and still has not conceded the 2020 Presidential election. These rallies have been a tool used by Trump to keep engaged with his followers.

Social media

This year, two separate platforms were released by Trump and his team, including a blog-style site that was eventually taken down, and a social media platform, GETTR, that was released in July. GETTR, created by Trump’s former adviser, Jason Miller, has Twitter-like features, and acts as an alternative to other big tech platforms. Although Trump himself does not use the platform, there is a heavy presence of pro-Trump material.    

Trump still remains banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Trump Organisation 

Although Trump himself was not charged, the Trump Organisation was subject to controversy earlier this year. Allen Weisselberg, the Chief Finance Officer of the Trump Organisation, faced 15 charges, including scheming to defraud, conspiracy, grand larceny (theft of personal property) and tax fraud. The charges come after a two-year investigation into Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr and New York Attorney-General Letitia James. A court date for the organisation and Weisselberg is set for September 20.


Although Trump has not explicitly stated he will be running for President again in 2024, many believe he has insinuated it. Back in May this year, Trump said “as you know, it's very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement". 

Those close to Trump have also mentioned they believe he will run again. When asked about whether he thinks Trump will run again, former adviser to Trump, Jason Miller, responded "I would say somewhere between 99 and 100 percent. I think he is definitely running in 2024".